Helping Those in Need: A Humanitarian Services Blog
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Helping Those in Need: A Humanitarian Services Blog

When natural disasters strike or when an area is gripped by poverty or drug addiction, humanitarian services can be essential. This blog is going to serve as an online primer of things you need to know about humanitarian services. My name is Mary, and I've been volunteering with various humanitarian service initiatives in numerous capacities throughout the last decade. I've noticed places where people seem to have a lot of questions so I decided to create a blog on everything from identifying need, to setting up donation drives, to finding nonprofits and government organizations that provide humanitarian services. Welcome, and I wish the best in whatever situation you are dealing with.


Helping Those in Need: A Humanitarian Services Blog

  • 5 Reasons to Donate Towards Building Schools

    24 May 2021

    Would you like to make a difference and change the lives of less fortunate children? The Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that every child has a right to quality primary education. However, access to education remains one of the biggest challenges in developing countries like Uganda. Yet, education offers a way out of poverty. Donors play an integral role in developing and equipping learning infrastructure as a step towards achieving universal access to education.